#7 Mariri village before the rains

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Mariri Village before the rains (Mozambique) | October 2015

Foto bij #7 Mariri village before the rains

The nature reserve of Niassa in the North of Mozambique is true wilderness. In total it is as big as the Netherlands 42.000 km2. The Niassa Carnivore Project, an initiative of conservationists Keith and Colleen Begg, manages a fifth of this. In their part of the reserve, they built an environmental center in the bush, used for management of the park, gatherings with the local community, hosting students, officials and visitors, like us. Contrary to Mbamba, the nearby village, Mariri is kept clean and waste production is minimized. Remaining waste is collected and exported out of the park.

When walking the small trails that connect the buildings I did however find matter out of place, in many different colours; yellow, red, blue and green. I did a red collection before the rainy season because the soil is red in Mariri and we found a dragonfly with a red body. 

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