#5 Mount Tumbine

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Mount Tumbine (Mozambique) | October 2015

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When we entered Mozambique we visited the poor sisters of saint Clare in Milange and spent two days with them. We shared with them stories of our trip and they told us about their project to secure a reliable water supply for the future. One morning they took us on a hike up towards the stream to see the project. Together with a small group of Franciscan brothers, they were building a pipe to guide water from a mountain stream to their reservoir. This way they can gather enough water and supply the surrounding villagers with drinking water during difficult times.

On the way up we saw it is still common practice among the farmers to burn their fields before they sow, even if the farmers have seen that the sisters don’t do it and their yields are bigger.  There was a purple plastic bag with a black zebra on it, lying in a burned corn field, so I started to collect two colours. There were lots of burned black things like corn, wood and roots. The mountain was covered with different little purple flowers which I picked. I also found a beautiful caterpillar in black and white, he’s the first living thing I put in a collection.

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