Franz Josef Glacier

Geschreven door Jan Henk op 17 Jan 2016. Permalink.

Today we drove along the West Coast towards Franz Josef Glacier. We expected rain and clouds with very limited views, but at the end of the day the sky broke open to a beautiful spectacle. On one side the ice masses of the glacier and on the other side a sunset-rainbow. A remarkable fact about the glacier is that it used to be accessible for glacier walks over land, but the glacier has receded so far in the past 10 years that now it can only be reached by helicopter. Ironically causing an increase of the emissions that accelerate the receding of the ice in the first place.

Foto bij Franz Josef GlacierFoto bij Franz Josef Glacier


Reactie van Carel. Geschreven op 03 03 2016.

Nice. I just realised you’re away for a whole year right now. The picture reminds me of my periode in NZ, although the glacier seems a little bit shorter. Did you travelled the glacier by helicopter as well? And for all means, you got me on the title. I thought you had something else to tell us…

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