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Decision Making

Geschreven door Willemijn op 03 Nov 2015. Permalink.

It took quite some thinking and feeling to decide what our next destination would be. Underneath the sausage tree in Nculi Camp in Niassa we sat down to make a choice. 

The invitations from friends and the feeling that we needed a break from the ever increasing heat, the endless amounts of dust, all the flies, fleas and mosquitos, the rapidly wearing of our clothes and the lack of veggies in our meals, made that we chose to go to.... [drums & music] ... New Zealand!

We found a flight that doesn't make any extra miles to get us there. Today we fly from Pemba to Jo'burg and on the 9th of November we fly in a straight line to Sydney and on to Auckland.

Oh, and Africa - please don't mind our short list of complaints. We had an amazing time, meeting many beautiful people and sublime places. You're a tough, old and wise continent, a place of extremes. We are grateful for the time we spent with you and thank you for not being too harsh for us. We know we've been quite lucky all the way. Asante Sani!

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Written by Willemijn on 03 Nov 2015. Permalink.

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